Mary Ann Day's debut novel, Kangaroos and Champagne is availble now, with work on a second book already in progress.

Kangaroos and Champagne

About the Book

English rose Sally Wiltshire is on a mission. She’s fallen in love with Australia and wants to live there. She’s also fallen for gorgeous Aussie hunk Rick. But to her dismay, Sally finds that Rick’s got himself a moody girlfriend since they last met - and is off limits. As Sally sets about finding a way to live long-term Down Under, she faces some tough challenges, as well as fun and frolics. As she is not a plumber or a brain surgeon, she is not eligible as a key worker on Australia’s list of essential professions.


So, Sally decides there’s nothing for it, but to find a man to marry, to get herself a long-term visa. As an incurable romantic, she’d love to fall in love with Mr Right, be swept off her dainty feet and have a passport to Oz with the help of a true love-match. Would the elusive hunk, Rick, qualify as Mr Right? Or is there another ‘knight in shining armour’ waiting for her on the horizon? Or should she give up altogether on finding Mr Right and settle for an arranged marriage with a Mr Alright, alias Visa Man?


Sally’s adventures in search of her quest for love and a visa take her on a rollercoaster ride of thrills and spills, laughter and sadness. She explores the varied nightlife of Sydney, takes a foray into the Australian bush with a suicidal maniac, sings a duet with a man and a dog and wonders about marrying a gay friend or a total stranger in her pursuit of happiness. Will Sally find Mr Right, or even Mr Alright, and be able to stay in Australia for good?